“Across his 30-year career, David Pereira has commissioned, performed and recorded more cello music than perhaps any other Australian cellist: from the solo suites of Bach to Rautavaara and the Russian romantics, to the ever-expanding Sculthorpe repertoire and dozens of works by other Australians.”  -- The Australian, Vincent Plush, 2012

David’s strong inclination is to help others to become complete cellist-musicians. Such students work with him on their cello-playing technique, improvisation, repertoire development, interpretation, aural skills, music theory and literacy, composition, ensemble music-making, philosophy, physical fitness and meditation skills. They relatively quickly should become their own teachers, and strongly authentic music-makers.


His ‘system’ is intensely client-centred and in-the-moment rather than generalist. Tuition is matched with the individual student so as to maximise their speed of development and their enjoyment. His application of high standards therefore consists in arrival at the best possible lesson for a particular student (on any occasion) as much as in knowing, expressing and coaching absolute measures of success and failure, or in following a predetermined sequential development. A father of seven, an enormously experienced professional teacher and performer, David is equally at home offering tuition to the professional colleague, the 5-year-old starter, or the mature age hobbyist.


David is much more interested in his students’ discovery and cultivation of playing that they (individually) admire, than in limited modes of conformism that from time to time are available. Excellent cellist/musicians are needed in numerous and diverse kinds of real life situations. Such musicians should easily blend into niche ensembles whenever they want to… by quickly learning the few special rules according to which any of them functions.

Information for new students

David has been appointed Senior Lecturer at ANU School of Music. Intending tertiary cello students are encouraged to contact him directly for information as well as to contact the School of Music. David's plan is rapidly to build an elite school of cello at ANU.

For private cello lessons, tuition is charged as follows: 

  • $120 per hour (adults)

  • $90 per hour (others) 

David's private teaching studio is located at the Ainslie Arts Centre, Elouera Street, Braddon A.C.T.

Duration and frequency of tuition is determined by individual negotiation. New students can hire cellos from Pereira Cello Studio for $50 per month. Monthly invoices are emailed post factum for EFT payment.

Now offering tuition in Sydney

David is now available on Thursdays during term time for weekly cello tuition in Sydney. Please email for further details.

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